This pandemic took us by surprise. Some argue that we could have been more prepared. After all, Bill Gates warned us in his famous Ted Talk, back in 2015. If right now the main priority is to find a cure and get “PPE” for our health care workers and help the most vulnerable of us, we should also wonder what to do when this is over. Should we go back to the way it was before the Corona virus?

Isn’t it time we stop this consumerism that we believe, or more accurately, that we’re being taught, is the key to our happiness, when studies show otherwise.

I shop, therefore I am.

Can we look into the science of happiness and work on fixing the mental health crisis so people can find some kind of peace and well-being.  and not be subjected as much to Social Comparison, especially on social media.

Can we finally agree that the value of a worker or profession is not necessarily tied to the profit it generates for the company, shareholders or market? That our health care and essential workers, teachers… deserve more respect and help than what we’ve been given them so far. I understand that we live in a capitalistic world. There’s nothing wrong with making a lot of money. I’ve profited from that. I just wished our value system, when it comes to jobs that matter, was different.

Will companies realize that remote working can be a viable solution, financially and environmentally? 44% of companies worldwide don’t allow remote work in any shape of form (Owl Labs). Of course, it’s not always applicable and it has its pros and cons. But we’ve all seen the positive impact our lockdown is having on the environment. A more breathable air in the biggest cities in the world, the waters  of  the Venice Canals that have never been that clear. End of March, the pollution in New York was reduced by almost 50%. We know that transport makes up 23% of global carbon emissions. No wonder why staying at home and working remotely is helping the environment. That’s not THE solution. But that could be a start.

The crisis is far from being over. But we will soon have to decide if we want to live in the same world, where money and possessions are key to our happiness (so we think), or in a different and simple one, where we rely more on social connections and experiences.

What choice will you make?

Mourad Zeggari

Serial French Expat currently living in NYC, I was fortunate to live in Sydney, Boston, Santa Monica, London...
While I like my job as a Digital Marketing Consultant , my passion has always been around radio and TV. So I've decided it was time for me to give it a try and start blogging and podcasting again.

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  • Hey. Happy to read u… Let s hope we can give mother nature a new hope. My choice has always been a simple life far away from money and possession, even though money is important… Yet let s hope this lock down thing will make people appreciate the better air , the clean waters… Life can be sweet and easy…
    Ps. In those times of confinement I would recommend to read this Japanese writer fumio sasaki Who talks about minimalism. This book really contributed to change my life.
    Thanks for your blog… Peace